Americans with Disabilities Act & California Title 24 Access Consulting  
ADA Building Site Analysis
ADA Compliance Services: Building and Site Analysis

Knowledge. Guidance. Communication.

We analyze existing structures and properties for ADA compliance. A detailed combination of both physical inspection and compliance knowledge – survey and assessment for disabled access -- helps us evaluate the many nuances we must consider. We take extensive photographs and notes, then provide a detailed report for your convenience. This includes a narrative for the areas that are deficient, referencing the codes that support and guide you.

As with all our work, we don’t simply recite codes. Rather, we believe in sharing information so that people understand the reasoning behind codes that were, after all, written by human beings. Truthfully, it required thoughtful consideration to develop the measurements and reach ranges for accessibility laws. Part of our task with ADA building and site analysis is to communicate that in a way that makes sense.

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