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ADA Plan Review
ADA Compliance Services: Disabled Access Plan Review

We Sweat the Details: It’s Our Job.

New construction always presents a unique set of challenges all its own. We are extremely familiar with the intricacies of disabled access building codes and can guide you through the sometimes daunting maze of ADA compliance plan review. We provide a complete review of construction documents for new developments as well as alterations to pre-existing projects. We ascertain whether they comply with all current applicable state and federal accessibility standards. We also discern between housing and non-housing accessibility regulations.

As a client, you receive a comprehensive report that ensures compliance with accessibility items. With ADA compliance plan review, we address every pertinent issue ranging from the site plan through the interior elements of each project. That includes parking, exterior and interior paths of travel, doorways, height and reach ranges, hardware, bathroom facilities, common areas, elements for the vision and hearing impaired, and more. Attention to detail is critically important. But then, it’s our job.

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